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Song: SuperWhoLockian Rhapsody
Artist: Jessica Zhang
Played: 71,777 times.

——Sherlock Segment——

Your cab is here
Go with him or he’ll be mad
One pill is good and one is bad

Sherlock, our adventure
Had just begun
But Moriarty’s thrown it all away

Watson, oooh
Didn’t mean to make you cry
If I’m not back again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on
As if nothing ever happened

Too late
The time has come
The Reichenbach will rise
Now it’s time for him to die

Goodbye, everybody
I’ve got to go
Got to leave you all behind to save your lives

You should have known better
Than to face me and my brother

——Doctor Who Segment——

I see a madman living in a blue box
Doctor Who? Doctor WHo? Doctor Who and the TARDIS
Silence and the Daleks and the Angels who are weeping
(Donna Noble) Donna Noble
(Donna Noble) Donna Noble
Donna Noble, Martha Jones
Rose Tyler, Ponds

I’m just a Timelord
I am so lonely
He’s just a Timelord he has no family
I need a friend to travel with me

Never walk
Never slow
Run, geronimo!
Fantastic, oh! I do not want to go (He must go!)
Fantastic, oh! I do not want to go (He must go!)
Fantastic, oh! I do not want to go (He must go!)
Do not want to go (He must go)
Do not want to go (He must go)
Do not want to go (Never ever go, no no no no no no no no)

Oh souffle girl, oh souffle girl
Your name is Clara Oswin Who?
The universe is a very special place for you
For you
For you

——Supernatural Segment——

So you think the WInchesters won’t randomly die
You don’t think that the Angel will keep them alive
Oh, baby
Impala you are my baby
Castiel get help
Castiel get help, Crowley’s here

——Closing up——

WhoLock WhoLock

Nothing even happens
Anyone can see
Nothing ever happens
Nothing ever happens
To me

Except for fangirling

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